About Daphne Diluce

People hire me to bring the WOW factor into projects.

I transform spaces and create original designs that produce elevated results.

I love creating dependable relationships through collaboration and helping people.

Over the last 28 years I have found starting projects from the brand up produces outstanding results. I create personal and commercial brands and energise existing brands. Having a deep understanding for who, what and why I am designing is very important for me and the project. I create designs that look after time frames, money and resources.

Having worked internationally all my working life I have collected a wealth of experience and fascinating stories to tell. My happiest times have been working on projects in London, Paris, Zürich, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Düsseldorf and California.

I have been highlighted on TV, in newspapers, in trade magazines, and voted to having one of the top ten shops in Dusseldorf. I had an Interior Design Studio/shop in Dusseldorf in the late 90’s, I returned to the UK to put my children into English education. I have three amazing children who I thank heartily for being my best friends.

Now I am based in the UK and travel to work on projects nationally and globally, I love it! My mantra is “A Design Story Without Love Is Not Worth Telling ”

"Did you know the spaces you live and work in will define you and affect your life quality and direction? Having a great vision for yourself and your life will predict your future positively. Design is a deep subject when combined with science, art, and philology it becomes powerful and life changing and very enriching for the mind, body heart and soul."